Cute socks with BSX

 A very quick post for today, I got this cute socks from BSX. I got hooked to it because of it's very cute color so I bought it at once! Just in time, I needed to buy new socks for my fitness this 2014! haha Outfits can give us inspiration for us hitting our fitness lifestyle. But on the other hand, my socks always gets lost every after laundry. I think my socks gets mixed up with the socks of my nephew and niece. Most of the time they use basic colors only specially for my nephew (he only wants black or white socks) and of course for my niece who's still going to school. The socks that doesn't get mixed up are the colored ones! 

So yes! I have thought of buying colored socks so that we will all know that it's mine haha! (excuse ba for using colors again??) hehe 

I like that this socks has a lot of personality! I love the color and of course the texture. It's very soft on my feet and fits me perfectly. Comfort and fashion in one. Yippe.... Since it's a sockeven if it is in loud colors, it will be in a small part of your total look thus it won't hurt you to add colors via socks.

So if you have the same problem as mine, get yourselves colored socks if your lifestyle will allow it. :)


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