The Face Shop Flawless Fitting Foundation

I've already finished one of my daily bb cream and it's time bring out another stock of my foundation. There was a time last year when I was on my unusual self and was obsessed to buy and try a lot of foundations.

I've seen and read about this foundation from The Face Shop and heard good reviews about it. So when I saw this I bought it but it's only now that I will be able to try it. I think this is not available anymore but I would still want to share with you what I think about this product from The Face Shop.

I think The Face Shop had a collaboration with a great make up artist for this line. I don't want to elaborate about it and just talk about the product. 

In Korean, but I think if you get it here in the Philippines, they'll have a translation.

From the name itself and base on the packaging, this product claims to give a smooth and even finish ....  shouldn't I need to say more but it promises a Flawless look.

I've only got the foundation and the risky part to this is that it is only available in this shade. We know that Koreans and Pinays have different skin tones so maybe it won't fit well with Pinay skins.

I appreciate the simple and sophisticated look with that hint of pink. I think that it looks like this product knows the needs of us ladies.

I really appreciate products that are properly sealed! I am assured that I am getting the full quantity of the product.

Now time to swatch the product.

It looks a little darker than my usual foundation but it has that creamy liquidy texture. It also has that foundation powdery (but not that of baby powders) smell that is ok.

Blended the product on the right side of my hand only. You can see the difference of the two sides of my hands.

On a closer look, you will be able to see that it evens out the lines from my skin. It works like a tinted primer. It's a little dewy but not shiny. I actually like how it looks on my hand. But let's see if it does the same effect when applied on the face. And it actually blended well with the skin tone of my hands.

It actually works well and gave me the same effect when I applied it on my face. You can see on my photo below (worn The Face Shop Flawless Fitting Foundation only) that it did evened out my skin. It also looked dewy but not oily. I am glad that it matched well with my face skin tone too as it's not too white nor dark. I also like that it felt light weight on my skin.

Now here's another photo after applying some concealer and loose powder.

I actually like this product! It didn't give me an oily look even at night plus it retained my fresh look (though lately we have a cool weather). It's stay put properly and what I like about it is that it has high spf of 35! Bravo!

Here's another photo below as soon as I got home tonight. You can see that it's still intact even if I had tried on different clothes (huli! Yes I shopped again... I should really need to lessen my shopping!)

If The Face Shop still have this line, I would consider buying it again as I think it costs much expensive here in the Philippines compared to our neighbor countries.

In a few days it'll be Chinese New Year already. I hope that I'll be able to take a Chinese New Year Fashion Post and share it with you.


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