Evil Doughnut

Food food food! It's our ultimate temptation during the Holiday season! I was trying my best to limit my food intake so that I can eat during reunions with family and friends. But then again, there were unplanned instances that made me like a magnet to food! haha Like this post, I shared with you on my previous post that we went to Tagaytay. Though it was super cold, we felt like eating ice cream. Yes we love to eat ice cream even when the weather is so cold. The only place I have thought that time was to have FIC at Cliffhouse. But not that I know that I will be hooked to a newly opened Doughnut stand at Cliffhouse. From entrance I already saw a signage but didn't expect anything yet. I thought that it was just another Doughnut stand.

Upon checking out, I discovered that they are offer different type of flavors that are not common with the popular Doughnut chains. But during that time, they were left with only 3 pieces of Doughnuts. So I was left getting them only. They were frying again some doughnuts but I can't wait for another 20 minutes anymore. So these 3 doughnuts are already worth a try.

The doughnuts were actually big enough in size and with different flavors. No streaks of oils left at the box. The doughnuts were still very fresh and soft. I can say that it's a good quality doughnut. 

Calamansi Cream, I was able to taste the sourness of the Calamansi but it was not too sour. It's tolerable sour / flavorful sour. The filling was creamy but not that creamy na nakakaumay. Just right creaminess. I liked this.

This is a different variant and I was curious with this. This smelled so good! I was able to smell the strawberry as if I was opening a strawberry jam. The balsamic vinegar was very light that I wasn't really able to feel it much, just felt a little sourness. The strawberry was a little sweet and very good! This is so so for the balsamic flavor, but still good.

This is what I was excited. This is actually good, the chocolate was not too sweet. I was able to taste the bacon and the bacon was easy to chew. The bacon and chocolate blended together and didn't over powered the flavor of each other. This is good! 

They also have specialty coffee which I wasn't able to try anymore. Hopefully on my next visit will be able to try the other flavors and maybe their coffee too.

Do check out Evil Doughnuts on your next Tagaytay trip.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. :)

Have you tried Evil Doughnuts? Did you like it as much as I did?


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