Normcore Look

Avery quick post for today. This is actually a back log post. I actually have several back log of outfit post. This is what I wore when we went to Maginhawa last year and experienced Maginhawa food trip. I just heard of the place but I don't have any idea about how the place look and since it's a street, I decided to dress down. 

Dressed down or what was popularly called last year as normcore. haha I actually like to wear comfortable outfits but still with some attitude. You may not see me often in this type of outfit but I think I kinda like it. Will try to wear more of this kind of outfits. But I actually felt that I looked like a Korean that day! Haha

P.S. The black shirt is actually my nephew's haha! We can actually wear men's clothes with out looking like a man. :) And I love the design of my jeggings!!! 


(Bench Shirt, H&M jeggings, Timex Watch, Kenneth Cole Bag, previously owned Bracelet, Birkenstock Footwear)

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